What games are you working on right now?

We have a page on the site with our latest projects, but the best way of finding out what we’re up to is by following our personal Twitter accounts and listening to the podcast

How do you pronounce Rorgers?

Imagine someone saying ROAR and then GRR. Like that.

Why can’t I resize the windows in March of the Rorgers or The Wager?

We built the major code to both these games in a weekend as part of Ludum Dare, and one of the victims of that was that the screen size has to stay the same in order to prevent everything from breaking in the game. We decided that it would take too much time to re-code a lot of the game for too-small a benefit. In future games we hope to learn from this!

Why is March of the Rorgers so hard?

It’s very hard to balance a game that you yourself designed, so for the post-Ludum Dare release of the game we took in some player feedback to make things a little easier. It’s still very difficult for a first-time player to do well at the game, but you can keep going for quite a long time once you get the knack.

Okay, so what is the knack?

Basically you just need to stop those Rorgers getting to your orb. Simple really, when you think about it.

Why are there no women in The Wager?

That’s not true; the whole of The Adjudity is comprised of women.

I don’t believe you.

That sort of talk can get you up before the Grand Adjuditor, and he’s not as forgiving as me.



Why did The Wager skip versions from 1.2.1 to 1.2.3?

We thought long and hard about this, and weighed up the serious technical considerations and implications involved in changing the version number, and then we skipped to 1.2.3 so we could be at the same version number as Minecraft. We’re not expecting this to last long (It didn’t!)

My text seems to be the wrong colour in The Wager 1.2.4?

There was an issue some people were experiencing where text looked the wrong colour in The Wager because it uses the default Window Text colour which it expects to be black. We hard-coded the text to be black in release 1.2.3, and that apparently and inexplicably made things much worse for some users, who couldn’t see text at all anymore, regardless of what they did. We reverted the change in 1.2.4. If your text seems the wrong colour in 1.2.4, change your default Window Text colour to black for as long as you play the game. Sorry about that. :(

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