Fix Fix Bang Bang Dev Blog #3

Another day, another dev blog :)

We have spent most of our time today on balancing the game and getting it into an okay playable state for the Alpha release. We did this first by pre-balancing some of the values that drive the game logic that intuition told us would be wrong (our first few games of FFBB have been hilariously short).

We’ve been doing a few repeated runs with a little tweaking in between, and we recorded one below for your enjoyment!

This wasn’t our best run but it shows off some of the neat features we’ve put into the game, such as the ability to return to the powerup minigame from where you left off if you need to stop to deal with other problems. Also, we already noticed a few more problems such as the shield powerup length being way too short, but it should all be fixed in the coming days.

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