Fix Fix Bang Bang Dev Blog #4

First one for quite a while, but rest assured that we’ve been making progress in the meantime! We’ve mostly recently been working on getting bosses into the game. The first two the player will encounter are more-or-less complete now, the fearsome Scarab and Infester Prime.

Currently we’re working on enemies for the second level of the game, who are for the most part tougher versions of enemies the player has already fought, with a few exciting additions. The existing enemies get a new lick of paint and are more prone to being faster, swerving and firing more often than their luckless, cannon-fodder cousins from level one.

Two of the new foes are both two-part beasts. The first is basically a massive bomb in two pieces: the parts will come down separately and try to combine, and the player really should stop them from joining! Another as-yet-unnamed enemy comes down in the form of two blades which turn to point towards each other and fire a very dangerous beam weapon between the two of them, giving the player yet another thing to think about.

The gif below shows off two of the new guys, the Bomb and the Improved Orb.



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