This is where we keep all the games that are too small to have a page of their own on this site or are unfinished, jam games or otherwise don’t count as a ‘main’ release from us. All games are for Windows unless otherwise specified, and some will require the XNA Framework to run if you don’t have it already, which you can install once and then probably never worry about again.

March of the Rorgers

This is the first game we ever made together (unless you count No-Rules Naughts and Crosses), for the Ludum Dare game jam. The theme was Enemies As Weapons. You can read more about it here.

Avarice / It’s Too Dangerous To Go Alone, Take This Shotgun!

For our third Ludum Dare, after The Wager, the theme was ‘It’s Dangerous To Go Alone, Take This!’ we wanted to make a game where you play a shopkeeper equipping adventurers as they go down a dungeon and fight autonomously. Unfortunately, we spent loads of time on the second bit and then failed to find the game in the first bit. Still, feel free to revel in our failure by downloading it here.

Once we realised that the game wasn’t coming together, Kieran hurriedly converted it into this very simple dungeon crawler where you run around with a shotgun. Shut up, it counts.

Junk Tumbler

We were itchin’ to do a game jam, but kept missing out on Ludum Dare, so in the end we made up our own. The theme was Evolution, and this proved trickier than we thought to base a game around.

We had the idea that you were an exploration robot on a derelict ship that evolves new parts by collecting debris and MacGuyvering it into a new part. It’s a little clunky on account of us being XNA novices and the original idea being somewhat over-ambitious. Nevertheless we did come up with a cute little game where the aim is to tool yourself up well enough to get past all the obstacles and find the Captain’s Log.

Get it here!

C’Mon Grab Your Friends

We’re both huge fans of Adventure Time, so when we heard there was going to be a whole Jam about it, we had to take part. We’re very happy with what we managed to come up with in 48 hours, and although there was a lot to do, this felt like our most comfortable Jam effort yet. We had time to include pretty much all the features we wanted, and while we have ideas for how the game could be expanded on, we consider it a fine weekend’s work.

For more details about it, see the official page on the Jam’s website.

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