The Wager


12/07/2012: We’ve updated The Wager to 1.2.4 to fix an issue some people were having with text being completely missing in the game. If you have been seeing blank pages of text, upgrading to this version will fix it.

15/03/2012: We’ve released an update taking this to 1.2.3 with a selection of minor bugfixes, and a fresh new event!

10/11/2011: We’ve updated this to 1.2.1 to resolve some errors some of you may have been experiencing. If you’ve recently downloaded 1.2 we recommend you download this update to prevent possible issues.

08/11/2011: This update brings several changes, big and small. All of the important ones are listed here. Please note that 1.1 save games are not compatible with version 1.2. We hope that you enjoy the update, and thanks very much for playing.

We’re also hugely grateful to Wardrox at Nukezilla for generously providing hosting for the download as our site began to creak under the load!

The Wager is our second game. Like March of the Rorgers, it was also made as part of the Ludum Dare contest, you can download the full game here or the original version completed in 72 hours.

You are an explorer, going head-to-head with the sinister Sir Lester Marwood. You have to prove yourself the best explorer over the course of one year, by discovering the most treasures and making the most money out of your discoveries. But there are many dangers along the way!

We had a lot of plans for The Wager which we couldn’t fit into 72 hours and so now, after adding a ton of new content and features, we’re ready to show you the final release. Changes include:

  • Many more unique events that happen both on land and sea.
  • New dangers such as seafaring diseases.
  • Helpful upgrades to improve your vessel.
  • Numerous bugfixes and visual improvements.
  • New, improved music.
  • Automatic updates to the latest version.
  • Save/Load games!
  • A whole suite of updates for 1.2, listed here!
What Lovely People Are Saying:
“As addictive as it is lovingly crafted, The Wager is a delight which you should play immediately.” PC Gamer
“Coo, it’s a lot of fun.” John Walker, Rock Paper Shotgun
Freeware Game Pick –
Highly Recommended – Terry Cavanagh,
“The strong design, simple presentation, and overall polished nature make it an excellent freeware title” DIY Gamer
“I bet you want to give free indie game The Wager a try.” Destructoid
“This is an utterly delightful 15-minute game that I have played at least a dozen times in the last week.” Bill Harris, Dubious Quality

Download the full version of The Wager here!