Works in Progress

Because we do all our work in spare time, which can be scarce, there can be periods of silence from us. So on this page you’ll be able to see what we’re doing right now. If you’d like a (usually) more up to date report on progress, why not subscribe to our podcast, Surprised Man Speaks or follow us on Twitter?

Fix Fix Bang Bang

We’re well into the development of this game, and as we get further, we’ll be releasing it to more testers. It’s an asymmetric co-op game in which one player plays a traditional style vertical shooter, while the other player is inside the spaceship, performing vital repairs and assembling the power-ups. There are 4 stages in a Story Mode which has you escaping from the semi-sinister Dr. Charles Mandibles and his Mechnobug army, and it’s going to look something like this:

We’ll have more news once development is further along.

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